GRAYmatter architecture is a design oriented architecture firm in Santa Monica, CA. Philosophically, we take our cues from nature, composing form, space, light, materials and detail to add depth to the human experience of buildings and the environment. Our design strategy is to think sustainably and always to go toward innovation and invention.

Over the past 35 years GRAYmatter has designed a collection of finely crafted buildings in and around the Los Angeles area including homes, boutiques, sound studios, schools and offices. Our work has been published locally, nationally and internationally including the International Yearbook of Architecture, Guide to the Architecture of Southern California, West Coast Wave, Brave New Houses, the New York Times cover page and the Los Angeles Times.

Melinda Gray AIA, Principal, completed her Master of Architecture at UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1982. A licensed architect in the state of California, she has more than 25 years of experience with small and large scale projects in the LA area.

GRAYmatter was selected in 1998 by Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the LA’s 24 most well-regarded architects. Project 710, in Venice, CA is one of the first houses in the country to achieve the Platinum LEED rating in the LEED for HOMES program.